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10 towns to visit in Italy during Autumn

posted by on October 21st, 2015

Probably you have already seen all the 15 works of art that must be seen before saying you truly know Rome. But unless you have been there recently, it is difficult that you attended the “Forum of Augustus 2000 years later”: a multimedia show with footage and reconstructions, accompanied by the voice of an Italian writer and reporter, showing the places as they looked like at the time of Emperor Augustus. It lasts 40 minutes and you can see it until 11:00 pm.

Rome, Forum of Augustus show

The same for the Vatican Museums, which will be open every Friday until 11:00 pm: the right time to visit them without the anxiety of the long queue! You can visit the Vatican Museums by night until the 30th of October, do not miss this opportunity!
The Vatican Museums are open until late in the night

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posted by on June 25th, 2013

From the shadows of the ancient, winding streets of the historic center of Rome you suddenly come upon the breathtaking magnificence of Piazza Navona (Navona Square), born as a place of spectacle and still today a spectacular open air show; an architectural miracle in the heart of the Eternal City, filled with masterpieces in perfect harmony with each other.

This piazza, which displays the genius of Bernini and Borromini, is one of the finest Baroque Masterpiece in papal Rome. Its harmony and colours, combined with its elegance, give it a charm that is enhanced by the surprising contrast of architecturally sober houses alternating with a number of monumental buildings.

Of all Rome’s piazzas, this pedestrian precinct is one where the liveliness of Roman life is most tangible. It has long been a meeting place for the inhabitants of Rome. In past, in addition to the market, processions and spectacles were held here – included “naumachiae”, or mock naval battles.

Today the life in the piazza revolves around the open-air-cafés and the seasonal fairs. During the summer the piazza provides a continuous festival of painters, caricaturists, fortune-teller and buskers, who entertain visitors until late.