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archive of October, 2015

Halloween in Italy: the most beautiful rituals

posted by on October 23rd, 2015

Article from La Stampa newspaper – weekend

From the Piedimont costumes to the pumpkins of Friuli, from the Monsters’ show in Perugia to the fair in Sicily: up and down Italy to find zombies and legends. Many are the events for the Halloween night in Italy.

In Ampezzo, in the province of Udine, there is the commemoration of the Celtic New Year, when it was believed that on the night of the 31st October, the dead people would return accompanied by elves and goblins to visit the places they had lived. This is called the “Fiesta dalis muars”, meaning pumpkins feast, and takes place at sunset in the hystorical center of Ampezzo, lighted by torches, fires and fabulous light shows.

celebrating Halloween in Italy

In Umbria, do not miss the extraordinary event in Città di Castello, called La Notte del Grande Cocomero (literally “the night of the big watermelon”), with the traditional “trick or treat”, the themed aperitifs, the street artists exhibitions, live concerts and the Monters’ show, not only for youngers.

Let’s go to Sardina, where Halloween is called Animeddas (in the South of the island) and Su Mortu Mortu (in the north). There is the tradition to commemorate the faithful departed with the preparation of a dinner with handmade maccheroni, a glass of wine and a jug of water to be left on the table without cutlery but with a little oil light: the faithful departed visiting the house have the possibility to eat and drink all night long. The night of Halloween, following the Anglosaxon tradition, the children go from house to house for the trick or treat.

decoration for halloween

In Sicily, the is the habit to give presents to the children the morning of the 2nd November. In the past, parents used to go to the street markets after dinner to buy small presents for the children. Today, there is still the traditional Fiera dei Morti (“faithful departed fair”) and some parents still use to buy little surprises for their children.

The street market in Catania

10 towns to visit in Italy during Autumn

posted by on October 23rd, 2015

The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare has found evidence in Verona, where fantasy is mixed to legend and reality. If in 2014 nearly 300.000 messages of love have been left on Juliet’s home, it is not because that balcony represents one of the most beautiful love story ever, but because Verona is a city that makes everyone feel more in love.

The hose of Juliet in Verona

To reach Verona city center, enter the two gates in Piazza Bra, walk along the Arena and stop in the restaurant of Liston for a romantic dinner.
Not to miss: the art exhibition of Tamara de Lempicka, in the AMO – Arena Opera Museum -, Palazzo Forti
Not to miss in Verona: the art exhibition of Tamara de Lempicka

10 towns to visit in Italy during Autumn

posted by on October 22nd, 2015

There is one good reason to visit the medieval town of Alba during autumn: until November 15th there is the White Truffle Fair, which is not only a very good excuse to taste the best dishes of Piedmont and its wines, but also to discover a new cultural and artistic side of this village and the Langhe area.
the white truffle fair until the 15 of November
During the fair, in fact, there will be parades, exhibitions, concerts. There’s something for everyone!

landscape of the Piedimont countryside

10 towns to visit in Italy during Autumn

posted by on October 21st, 2015

Probably you have already seen all the 15 works of art that must be seen before saying you truly know Rome. But unless you have been there recently, it is difficult that you attended the “Forum of Augustus 2000 years later”: a multimedia show with footage and reconstructions, accompanied by the voice of an Italian writer and reporter, showing the places as they looked like at the time of Emperor Augustus. It lasts 40 minutes and you can see it until 11:00 pm.

Rome, Forum of Augustus show

The same for the Vatican Museums, which will be open every Friday until 11:00 pm: the right time to visit them without the anxiety of the long queue! You can visit the Vatican Museums by night until the 30th of October, do not miss this opportunity!
The Vatican Museums are open until late in the night

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