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archive of February, 2012


posted by on February 21st, 2012

It is the typical dish par excellence of Milan. This very simple dish is particularly fascinating for its golden color, conferred by saffron, the main ingredient of the recipe. Not everyone knows, though, that the traditional recipe of the Risotto alla Milanese also contains marrow from an ox bone, a fundamental ingredient for enriching the flavor.

Milan is a city to discover not just for fashion, events and art but also to experience a exquisite cuisine.

Ingredients for 4 people:
– 400 g of rice
– 1 liter of beef stock
– 1/2 cup of dry white wine
– 40 g of butter
– 40 g of beef bone marrow
– 60 g Grana Padano cheese (matured 24 months)
– 30 g of onions
– 0.5 g of saffron

The secret for the best risotto? Whisk it energetically and eat it straight after!


posted by on February 21st, 2012

It is since 1963 that all the opera lovers couldn’t attend this version of Aida directed by Franco Zeffirelli.  Brush up on your best outfit and get ready for the event.

Aida will take place from the from the 14th of February to the 10th of March. It will be conducted by Omer Meir Wellber. This archaeological fable is ready to bring on stage solemnity and epic, thwarted love and tragic destiny which are all the key ingredients of the most famous Italian opera written by Giuseppe Verdi.

That is also an excellent chance to visit Milan, the most European city of Italy.

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Adele, amazing villa on Lake Como

posted by on February 17th, 2012
a corner of the garden

It’s not a case that Lake Come has become the  most glamorous place in Italy hence a lot of stars from Hollywood have a villa here. The climate is absolutely pleasant, the surroundings are enchanted and all the villas are unique.
Adele isn’t an exception. With the Alps on the background and the Lake in front, it reminds of an ancient scenario, where dreams become true. This splendid villa, totally built preserving all the precious details and materials, boasts a 3500 sqm garden planted with a variety of flowers, shrubs and trees.

Those who book Adele within the 29 of February will receive a 25% reduction! Don’t miss the chance to experience a week as a true Hollywood star!